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Posting, Testing and maintaining Your Site

Posting your Site
One last decision you have to make is finding a host for your web site. Your web designer should help you find a web host, someone who will rent you a space on their web server for a small monthly fee. Microsoft maintains a list (

The price for web hosting will vary dramatically, so doing a little homework here will pay off. You should determine exactly what services you will need, then find a host that offers the services you need for the smallest price.

Dial-up Access and Virtual Hosting
These services provide the connection between your browser and the Internet. There are thousands of local dial-up access providers. Sometimes, in addition to providing Internet access, they also give you a small amount of space (sometimes at no charge) to host a web site. However they have very limited services and most don’t allow this space to be used for commercial use. Additionally, they often don’t accommodate "virtual hosting".

Virtual hosting allows you to have your own domain name such as "" rather than use the more clumsy "http://www.TheirName.Net/YourName". It will cost you $70.00 to register your domain name with InterNic (currently the organization that handles domain registration) but you definitely want virtual hosting. Your web designer can help you register a name, but make sure your name is listed as the "Administrative Contact" with InterNic (not the designer’s name or host ISP name). This gives you complete control over your site and it’s contents. This way you can transfer your domain to another host or find another designer if necessary.

Developer’s Hosting
Web site developers specialize in business web sites hosting. They often provide good service since they are focused on hosting, not providing Internet connections to an entire community. Additionally they provide a wide variety of services that dial-up’s don’t. You connect to them via an FTP program (file transfer protocol) so you will still need a separate ISP to access the Internet. Your site designer should help you find a host or you can look at ads on the Internet or in web developer magazines available at newsstands. Prices run from $19.95 per month and up.

How you upload files to an ISP who doesn’t have a local access number? First you need local access to the Internet. This gives you a local connection to the Internet. Then, after you connect to the Internet, open an FTP program on your computer. This program enables you to upload files to the host computer anywhere in the world.

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